When you don’t know the difference between a mental health crisis and a suicide attempt

The difference between being a mental patient and a suicidal person can be confusing.

This article aims to help you understand and assess the difference.

A mental health care professional is someone who helps a person in need of help with their mental health problems.

It’s also sometimes referred to as a therapist.

They help a person find support, advice, and resources to help manage their mental well-being.

The difference between mental health and suicidal behaviour can vary from case to case.

There are some types of mental health that can be suicidal, but many of these behaviours aren’t.

Mental health professionals can help people in distress or who need help to find support.

Mental health professionals may not be able to treat every case of suicidal behaviour, but they can help patients to manage their distress and cope with it.

Suicide attempts can have a variety of causes, including mental health issues, addiction, and drug or alcohol abuse.

These include things like: being afraid of losing control or being unable to stop