‘Healthy’ Telehealth App to Be Launched by VA in 2020

A telehealth billing app that allows consumers to get health care on-the-go and manage their health records will be launched by the VA this summer.

The app, which has been in development for more than a year, will allow consumers to schedule appointments, sign up for appointments, and access appointments through the VA’s HealthCare.gov website.

It is similar to the popular app called Valsafed, which allows customers to schedule and pay for appointments on-demand.

However, Valsafe is designed to work with the VA HealthCare system, which also includes VA medical centers, and not just the Healthcare.gov portal.

The app is expected to be available in late summer.VA health care has long been the most popular provider of health care for veterans, with nearly 70 percent of all veterans who sought VA care in 2016 requesting health care.

The VA has been developing and launching telehealth apps to help veterans access care, which have been very successful.

Valsafing, which began as an iPhone app in late 2014, was later expanded to include mobile apps for VA medical facilities.

The apps, which can be used on iOS and Android, are intended to allow veterans to schedule their appointments and access health care via the VA website.

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is also developing its own telehealth system, but its apps are not expected to have a similar interface.AVA spokesman Joe DeFranco said the VA will launch the app in summer.

He added that VA health care officials have been discussing the potential for the app since the app launched last fall.VA telehealth is also set to launch a web-based app that will allow veterans and their families to see the care they receive.

The agency is also working on a mobile app to allow VA health workers to use telehealth and receive information from their patients.VA is planning to have at least one of the telehealth services available on the VA health system by 2021, DeFrancos said.

Telehealth apps have been in use by the VHA for several years.

The company is currently testing its apps on an iPhone and Android device, and the VA is planning a beta program for the VA apps in 2018.

The VHA is also testing a mobile application for VA physicians.