Michigan: ‘Telehealth is the best way to manage your symptoms’

By The Associated Press The Michigan State University is testing a telehealth program that would allow residents to use medical devices remotely to diagnose and treat patients.

Michigan State University President Tom Wohlford announced Tuesday the university will roll out a new telehealth plan for residents in the Lansing area in early 2021.

Telehealth, or telehealth as it is being called, would allow a telemedicine assistant to talk to a patient and give her or him information about treatments and medications.

It’s the first time telehealth is being tested at a large medical school, Wohelford said.

He added Michigan State has had more than 20,000 patients sign up for telehealth services since the program was announced in January.

“We are proud to have so many patients who have been asking for help and have given us the confidence to implement this program,” Woholford said in a statement.

The state is also working to get people to sign up, Wochoford said, which he said will be completed by 2021.

The plan also is expected to provide telehealth to those who are in hospital or in a nursing home, he added.

A telehealth assistant would be able to give the patient a list of drugs, tests, and other treatments that she or he would use.

Wohlfords office will be able administer telehealth tests, give instructions to the assistant on how to use a telemedical device, and take the patient’s medical records and health history.

If the telehealth device malfunctioned, the assistant would help the patient adjust or correct the problem, Wohlwend said.