When it comes to telehealth, the US can’t keep up with the UK’s regulations

Telehealth regulations are starting to catch up with British regulations.

The UK has introduced some of the strictest standards and regulations on telehealth in the world.

Here are some key points about the rules.1.

The US has no equivalent to telemedicine2.

Telehealth must be done on an outpatient basis3.

Telemedicines must be conducted in a way that minimises harm4.

Telephones must be linked to a primary care physician, nurse or pharmacist5.

Telemedical services must be subject to strict quality control measuresThe UK has strict standards in place when it comes.

The regulator says there are four basic principles for telehealth: 1.

The service must be in the best interest of the patient.


Telecommunication must not be used to commit a crime.


Telepharmacy services must not use non-standard technology.


Telecommunications must be supervised by a telehealth compliance officer.

The regulation sets out a number of strict criteria for telemedics.

There is no such thing as telehealth outside of the US.

The US has had a reputation for telepharmaceutical companies that have been slow to catch on and for not having a strong regulatory regime.

The industry is largely unregulated in the US and the regulations for telemedical services are often quite strict.

For example, in the UK, only licensed professionals have access to telemedical care.

The only way a doctor can get a prescription for a prescription is if the prescription is obtained through a doctor who is authorised to practise medicine.