Which telehealth services can you use?

Telehealth services are available through some of the most popular health and wellness products in the world.

These services can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

In addition to offering telehealth advice, telehealth products can also provide a wide range of personalised services and treatment.

This can include physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic and even a range of health screenings.

However, you can also choose from a variety of health products such as physical therapy, nutritional supplements and more.

Here are some of our favourite telehealth providers to find out more.


Emdr telehospitality emdr telehospitals are based in Australia, but they offer a range other countries too.

The Emdr service is a health, wellbeing and wellness service offering telemedical care to all residents of remote remote communities in the Northern Territory, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

The service covers everything from personal care, dental and vision to physiotherapy and exercise.


Empax Empox is a telehealth provider that operates in the Australian state of Victoria.

The company was founded in 2012 and currently has more than 200 staff in the remote communities of the Northern Territories, Queensland, New England, South Australia and Victoria.


Aventis Telehealth Aventes Telehealth is a small business based in the Central Highlands region of the Australian states of Western Australia and Queensland.

AVentis offers telehealth treatment for remote residents of the Central Australian community.

Their service includes physiotherapy treatment, massage and nutrition.


Empedis Empedises telehealth offers an extensive range of physiotherapy services including physiotherapy for individuals with neck and shoulder injuries and physiotherapy treatments for chronic neck and back pain.


Emmara Emmaria is a telhealth company based in Germany.

Their telehealth service covers physical therapy treatments for neck and hip injuries, physiotherapy therapy and treatment of chronic pain.


Tauris Telemedicine Telmedicines telehealth offering a range in healthcare and physiotherapeutic services to remote residents in the Kimberley region of Western Cape, South Africa.

Their services include physiotherapies, massage treatments, physical therapy and massage treatment.


NUVO NUVO is a Telmedica company that operates throughout Western Australia.

Their health and physiosocial services offer physiotherapy to residents of Northern Territory and South Australian communities.


Medi-Medis MediMedis is a private company based outside the US and operates in a number of Australian cities.

They offer telehealth treatments and physiocompassion therapy to residents in Perth and other local areas of Western Victoria.


MSC Telemedics MSC telehealth is based in South Australia, offering telemedicinics and physiogrpasts to remote people.


Virex Virexs is a privately run telehealth company offering physiotherapy (nervousness, fatigue and muscle relaxation) and physiospiritual therapy (exercising, relaxation and healing).


Medpac Medpac is a company based around the US that offers telemedics and telepsychotherapy services to patients in Western Australia, New Zealand and Australia.


Anex Telehealth Medex is a telecommunications company based out of the US.

It is a subsidiary of Medpac.

The telehealth platform offers physiotherapy as well as physiotherapy physiotherapy massage and physiovigilance services.


AVA Telehealth and AVA telehealth are two telehealth companies based in Tasmania, New York and New Jersey.

Both companies offer telemediotherapy, physiotherapist and physiopreservation services to people in the rural communities of Western New South Australia or the New York metropolitan area.


Telehealth Health TelHealth Health is a healthcare telehealth business based out a Telangana state.

The business was founded by a group of local people in 2007.


TeleHealth Solutions TelHealth Solutions is a leading telehealth solutions company based with a network of offices around the world and in the United States.

The Telehealth Solutions platform offers telepharmacy, physiomotor therapy, occupational therapy and physiopharmacotherapy services.


Nuvita Telehealth Nuvitas telehealth provides telehealth consultations, health care support, physioscientific therapy and health education.


Avera Telehealth, Averas Telehealth offers telemedical services for people in remote communities.


Telemedias Telehealth Services Telemedia telehealth has been offering teleclinical services since 2005.


Avanti Telehealth Australia Avantis Telehosp Services is a licensed medical provider, providing health, social and rehabilitation services in remote community communities in New South.


Medipast Medipasts is a mobile telehealth solution company based on the Australian mainland.

The Medipasters platform is focused on remote residents and offers a range on tele