Telehealth plan could add $10 billion to healthcare bill in 2018

Telehealth plans that offer telehealth services to people in the US have been gaining steam in recent years, and one of the newest companies is poised to be one of them.

Aetna plans to add $1 billion in annual revenue to its telehealth bill this year, the company said in a regulatory filing Thursday.

A total of $1.6 billion will come from telehealth fees and services, according to Aetna’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

A study released last year found that telehealth costs could cost American households $1,200 per year in healthcare-related costs, according the New York Times.

The study found that about 30% of US households do not receive healthcare benefits from Aetner, and the company is planning to increase that number by about a third.

Telehealth plans were a hot topic during the 2016 presidential election.

Donald Trump, who had called for an end to telehealth coverage, said that the ACA did not go far enough in the healthcare market, and that he would make Aetners healthcare plans more affordable.

Aether, a telehealth provider, has about 100,000 customers in the United States.

The company said it will increase the number of people who can use its telemedicine services to 10 million people, a figure that is not yet available.

Aethene also recently opened a new office in Austin, Texas, in which it plans to offer telemedication services to more than 100,00 healthcare workers.

Aethene has also partnered with telehealth service provider TeleMedicine, which provides its own telehealth plans and plans for other providers to purchase.

The Aetnan website offers a list of telehealth providers, and a link on the site says the telehealth industry has a “strong presence in the health care system.”

Aetner said in its filing that it is committed to providing telehealth to all of its customers, including in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and to expanding its telepharmacy offerings.