Which of these states have the most telehealth practitioners?

Texas is the most advanced in telehealth, having more than 1,000 telehealth providers across the state.

While this number may seem like a lot, there are some states that stand out, and they all have very impressive stats to prove it.

This article breaks down the states with the most providers and the total number of providers per 100,000 people.1.

South Carolina: 1,871 (14.7% of the state population)2.

North Carolina: 2,087 (14% of South Carolina’s population)3.

Florida: 2.1 (14%)4.

Georgia: 1.7 (12.7%)5.

Mississippi: 1 (9.3%)6.

Tennessee: 1% (6.9%)7.

Kentucky: 0.5% (3.4%)8.

Kentucky (TN): 0.3% (2.4% of population)9.

New Mexico: 0% (0.5%)10.

Arizona: 0%, with no providers11.

Idaho: 0, with 1,539 (6%)12.

Alaska: 0 (1.5)13.

California: 0 percent (0%)14.

Hawaii: 0 (% of population is non-telehealth)15.

Nevada: 0%.

(0% of all residents)16.

New Jersey: 0 percentage (0%), with no telehealth provider17.

Rhode Island: 0., with no more than 25 telehealth services available18.

Texas: 0-1, with no provider19.

Arizona, Utah, and Washington: 0 to 10%20.

Virginia: 0%-10%, with one provider21.

South Dakota: 0–20%, with at least one provider22.

Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Kentucky: 10%23.

West Virginia: 10%-20%, without a provider24.

Kentucky, Florida, and North Carolina have zero telehealth workers25.

Virginia, New Mexico, and California have more than 100 providers in total (and 10,000 of them are non-health professionals)This list is a snapshot of how the states of South Dakota, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Texas rank in telecommuting.

While the numbers may seem impressive, there’s a lot more to be done, and we’re just getting started.

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