A fast growing service for the healthcare industry that uses blockchain technology

Telehealth is a growing industry that has attracted the attention of big-name tech companies like Uber, which is working to launch a telehealth platform.

But how is this service different than the traditional telehealth services that are currently available?

The main difference is that they are based on a blockchain, a computer code that keeps track of everything in a healthcare facility.

The service is a great fit for healthcare providers who have a large and growing number of patients and need to manage patient records and processes.

It is also a perfect fit for businesses that want to manage multiple medical teams, as well as for those who want to run a multi-day care facility.

For example, a large hospital may need to hire a large team of doctors and nurses to help manage multiple patients.

They could also run a telemedicine system for each patient, which would allow them to share patient data and provide customized care.

If this sounds like a great idea to you, you can get started with a free trial of telehealth today.