Telehealth doctors will have to go away

Telehealth physicians who work with patients will have their jobs cut and they will not be paid, the government said in a document published on Friday.

The decision was issued as part of a government plan to modernise telehealth services across Germany, including in rural areas.

“Telehealth physicians are responsible for diagnosing patients and treating patients in their homes and offices,” the document said.

“If they cannot provide the services needed, their contract ends.”

The Government will not pay them.

“Telehealth providers must now have to pay “reasonable” staff costs, as well as take on new staff, and must also have a minimum of 15% of their total staff be telehealth professionals, the document added.

Telehealth doctors are required to work in the home or on site at their primary hospital and primary or secondary care home.

They are also required to provide health insurance for patients and staff and have to have their own offices.

Some 60% of telehealth doctors work in Germany, according to the ministry.